The Secrets Of Next Day Hair: How To Rock Second-Day Hair With Confidence

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We’re spilling the secret!
Let’s face it: Nobody has the time or the desire-to wash and style their hair every single day –especially during the holiday season. This is why learning how to work with and style second-day hair (and even third-day) hair is key. If you’re looking for tricks on how to rock second-day hair with the confidence you have after leaving the salon with a fresh blowout, keep reading! We’re about to unveil the secret of next-day hair.

Step 1: Absorb Oil
Before you can start to style next-day hair you need to give your locks a once over. If your hair is on the dryer side, you likely can get away with skipping this next step. However, if you have the kind of hair that gets a little oily after one day, it’s time to reach for the dry shampoo right away. You’ll want to lift up your roots, spray the product, and then quickly blast the blow dryer on your hair on a cool setting. This helps to remove any lingering white residue from the dry shampoo.

Step 2: Add Texture
Now that any extra oil has been absorbed you can get into the next step. The best way to rock second- or third-day hair is by reaching for a texturizing spray. Texturizing sprays help to provide grip and roughness to hair. One we suggest is Tecni.Art Next Day Hair. A little goes a long way with this product, since it is a very dry and highly mineralized texturizer that gives a starchy effect. When you spray through the mid length and ends of the hair, it will help achieve a tousled finish. It will build more body and volume through the shape of your hair, giving you a beachier look.

Step 3: Finishing Touches
Once you’ve added in a little intentional texture to your locks, you can opt to wear your hair down or pull the top section up into a half-up bun-which is a great way to hide greasy roots on days you really need to wash but just don’t have the time.