How to Breathe New Life Into Over-Processed Hair

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Strengthen weak strands with Smartbond.
Between heat styling, climate, and coloring, our hair is subjected to an onslaught of aggressors on a regular basis. Thanks to an innovative professional service-and new take-home product-from L’Oréal Professionnel, you can better protect your hair during your next color service. Keep reading to learn more about Smartbond, an exclusive strengthening service available in salons.

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What Is Smartbond?
Ideal for damaged, sensitized, dull-looking or color-treated hair, Smartbond is a two-step bond strengthening salon service now available at James Geidner Hair Studio. Our stylists will add Smartbond to the hair color or lightener being used in order to protect and strengthen your hair during a color service. During the next step of the process, we will apply a pre-shampoo at the sink, which will help your hair feel nourished, smooth to the touch, and have radiant shine.

Smartbond Conditioner
Now we offer professional-quality Smartbond conditioner to take home after your service. This exclusive conditioner can help to protect your hair after the in-salon service and should be used once a week in place of your regular conditioner.

The Benefits of Smartbond
Traditional oxidants and lightening products need to open up the cuticle and break down bonds for the natural pigment to be removed from the hair. These processes can rough up the cuticle, leaving it dry and dull. Smartbond helps to protect already strong bonds in the hair and strengthen those bonds that have been weakened during color services, preserving your hair’s integrity, even when you’re going lighter. It works well with all hair colors, not just blonde!