Cardinal Rules For Curly Hair Care

When you have naturally curly hair, you know this to be true: Despite women coming up to you without hesitation to tell you how much they love (and wish they had) your hair … curly hair can be a real struggle to maintain.

We ask you this – are you ready to truly fall in love with your locks? If the answer is yes, keep reading to learn how to elevate your curls!

The Products

The same way color-treated hair calls for specific products to maintain the integrity of the hair, curly hair can benefit from a curl-specific routine. If you want to achieve the curls of your dreams, stop by our salon to stock up on L’Oréal Professionnel’s Spiral Queen for the perfect formation, hold, and a nourished finish. We also recommend utilizing L’Oréal Professionnel’s Architexture to help with taming frizz around the hairline. Lastly, Infinium 3 hairspray will give you the finish you’re looking for to lock in shape and prevent frizz.

The Tips

The rule of thumb is that styling starts in the shower or whenever the hair is completely wet,” says L’Oréal Professionnel Artist Joshua Rossignol. He goes on to explain that from the moment you finish combing your hair, you shouldn’t mess with your curls anymore. The more you work the hair, the more likely a frizzy mane will form. That being said, you should make the most of the time between your shower and your sopping wet strands to ensure that your curls look gorgeously defined. To make this a reality, Rossignol recommends applying a healthy amount of Spiral Queen to the hair. Using Spiral Queen will benefit your hair and will also rid your curls of excess water. To further remove moisture, use a t-shirt because it doesn’t pull apart the curls like a traditional terry cloth towel will.

After removing excess water, Rossignol recommends letting your hair air dry. “If you absolutely must use heat, only diffuse until 80% dry,” he says. “Once dry, use Infinium 3 to lock in curls and prevent frizz. If necessary use a very small amount of architecture to detail around the hairline.”

The Final Enhancement

While the best way to define curls is to allow them to dry naturally before shaking your head out, there’s always a chance that some of your curls won’t cooperate. Using a small iron or wand to mimic your natural curl pattern is another way to elevate your look. This way you’ll come out with a head full of perfect, natural-looking curls.


Stop by our Vero Beach hair studio today to let us help you select the best products for your curly hair care!