Why You Need Hair Care Treatments

When we think of beautiful hair, the words voluminous, sleek, and shiny come to mind. We think it’s safe to say those are adjectives we’d love for everyone to use when discussing our hair. The truth is, nobody can achieve perfect-looking hair without putting in the proper effort required to get there. Just like you can’t snap your fingers and enjoy a flawless complexion, your hair’s health is dependent on plenty of assistance which should begin with regular hair care treatments.

The Importance of Hair Care Treatments

Think your hair can look and feel its best without some extra TLC? Think again! Your hair comes in contact with plenty of daily aggressors: styling, brushing, and spending time under the Florida sun’s harmful UV rays-which, without the proper care, can begin to wreak havoc. Luckily, receiving an in-salon treatment can repair what’s already been done and also build up your hair to resist future aggressors.

Head To Our Studio

At-home treatments can serve as a good aid, but they aren’t going to solve your hair issues. We recommend scheduling an appointment with us to begin extensive repair and protection. In-salon treatments are made to last much longer and can better repair the damage. Another great benefit is that our stylists can customize them to your specific needs and address what’s going on with your hair at the moment. Is your hair fragile and breaking, we have something for that! Maybe it’s coarse and breaking, we have a treatment for that too – plus a variety of other services that will meet your hair needs.

What Treatments You Should Consider

There are thousands of hair care treatments out there and the selection can become overwhelming. We believe in the power of L’Oreal Professionnel treatments, and we certainly suggest the Serie Expert Powermix range for our clients. The great thing about these treatments is the corresponding at-home regimen can extend the effects and combat unhealthy hair habits. Another product line we know works wonders is – L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Inforcer. Adding SmartBond to your color service, the Inforcer in-salon treatment, and then integrating our recommended at-home care, you can enjoy a complete game changer.

In summary: think of at-home treatments as your weekly maintenance and in-salon services as the ultimate treat to really take your hair to the next level.