Habits Of Women With Great Hair

Your strands will thank you for turning these tips into hair habits …

Whether your scrolling on your phone or at the grocery store, you will see several women with great hair – we like to think more than a few are James Geidner Hair Studio clients.You too can enjoy equally gorgeous hair, and by integrating these practices into your normal routine, your hair can reach its full potential. From treatments, daily brushing habits, and the importance of dry shampoo, prepare to learn more about successful hair habits.


Brush Your Hair Before You Shower

Your hair is prone to breakage when it’s wet, so if you hop into the shower with knotted strands and try to untangle them, it can lead to hair damage. Knowing this, we encourage you to brush through your strands before the shower to ensure you’ll have clean and knot-free hair.

Use Hair Treatments

There are L’Oreal Professionnel hair treatments that are designed to benefit each and every hair type. So whether you want to have our stylists match you with an at-home masque or you prefer to schedule an in-salon glossing treatment, your hair will thank you by looking and feeling stronger and shinier.

Be Gentle With Tangles

It’s frustrating to deal with consistent tangles, but it’s imperative that you never rip or tug at them. Doing so can lead to split ends and breakage, both of which will be more time-consuming than the original knots. We suggest applying a nourishing oil and then working on tangles from the bottom up.

Blot, Don’t Rub

We realize that growing up we were told to rub and wring our hair dry, but the real trick to maintaining gorgeous tresses is to blot instead of rub. When you wring or rub your hair, you risk disrupting the hair’s cuticle, which promotes breakage and frizz – the exact opposite of what we’re all trying to achieve.

Stretch Out Your Washes

Washing your hair every day can wreak havoc on your hair’s appearance. While washing does remove dirt and product buildup, it also scrubs away nail oils. This can leave hair dry, dull, and depleted.

In order to stretch out your washes, add a high-quality dry shampoo and dry texturizer to your hair care routine. To help to maintain volume, rely on a dry texturizer for day two locks and dry shampoo on day three to absorb oils and mattify any shine.

Protect Against Heat

Both high water temperatures and high temperatures on hot tools can leave your hair less than healthy and not looking its best.

It’s important to never expose your hair to heat above 365 degrees and always use the lowest possible temperature to achieve your desired style. When using a hot tool, we suggest starting with a heat protectant to defend against any heat-related damage that could affect your hair’s overall health and appearance.

Let Your Hair Air-Dry 75% Before Adding Product

You may not know, but the wetter your hair is, the more diluted the products you pump into it will become. Before applying any cream, gel, mousse or spray, make sure to allow your hair to air dry a bit. This ensures that the formulas won’t run clear, making them ineffective.

Use Quality Hair Care Products

Last but not least, women with great hair know the value of quality hair care products. When it comes to creating and maintaining gorgeous hair, we invite you to our Vero Beach hair salon to be matched with professional products that provide the greatest benefit to your hair.