Tips on How to Hide New Growth Between Visits

Maybe you have holiday parties coming up before you have a chance to visit the studio or even if you never miss a salon appointment – it’s likely that the last weeks or days leading up to your time with us you’re dealing with visible roots. And when your appointment is a single process to conceal those greys or your natural color, visible roots can feel unbearable and can affect your confidence. To make it through to your next appointment, we have collected a few tips and tricks to help you quickly hide visible roots.

Switch Up Your Part

Do you normally go with a middle part? Consider a flipped-over side part with added volume to hide visible roots when it’s close to appointment time. To create extra volume, lift the hair up at the root and spray a small amount of L’Oreal Professionnel dry shampoo. This will give your hair lift and help divert attention away from your roots. Need help deciding which dry shampoo works best with your hair? We can match you with the best products from our curated retail collection.

Try a New Style

Just like switching up your part, a new style can take attention away from visible roots. Adding texture in the form of curls, waves, or even applying a texturizing spray is enough to camouflage roots.

Expert Tip: While it’s perfectly fine to use these tricks in between visits, we encourage you not to wait too long in between appointments. The longer you go between touch-ups the more you are at risk for banding and unexpected results. Make sure you maintain your appointments every 4-6 weeks, and in the meantime, try out our tips and tricks! Need to set up your next appointment? Call us at 772.492.8440 to schedule today.