Thick Hair Don’t Care: Haircuts for Thick Hair

Is The Best Haircut For Your Thick Hair One That Thins It Out? Not Necessarily.

Naturally thick hair is beautiful and envied by many, but styling it well and treating it right is paramount to ensuring your thick hair looks its best. The question is: are you going to embrace your hair type or try to tame it? Once you decide which route will work best with your lifestyle, the options below can serve to inspire your perfect look.

Short haircuts for thick hair

Thick hair can look great with a bob, but you need to work with your volume. Any blunt lengths or bangs will always draw attention to the thickness of your hair, but you can certainly work it! Uncontrollable flyaways can even be incorporated in your hairstyle, giving your look an ethereal vibe.

However, if you prefer that your thick hair is ultra-manageable and controlled, think about trying a pixie cut designed for thick hair. We suggest a small amount of styling gel that will provide your hair with weightless hold and natural movement.

Mid-length styles for heavy hair

Smooth blunt bangs are great for thick hair, because the weight of your hair allow the fibers to lie flat down on your forehead. We suggest adding layers to your length, so as not to add width to your face. You can use a few drops of hair serum or hair oil down the ends to keep your hair moisturized and frizz-free.

Thick, heavy hair sometimes naturally falls straight down with no movement to it. If that’s the case for you – this is ideal for a blunt, angular lob. However, if you would like to add some curl or incorporate your natural curl, try a thermo-modeling spray by L’Oréal Professionnel. You can spray this onto damp hair and then use your blowdryer and barrel brush to create curls or waves. If your hair is heavy and curls fall within minutes, utilize a curling iron.

Get the best out of long thick hair

Many of our clients with thick hair are concerned that longer hair will look overwhelming, but it’s all about control and balance. If your roots are lifted and healthy, you can bring as much volume as you like to the rest of the look. However, if you have a limp or flat top section, the volume at the bottom can create a look that’s undesirable. Once a week, use a nourishing hair conditioner specifically formulated for thick hair types, so that you can enjoy hair that feels silkier, looks shinier, and is more manageable overall. Remember to also visit your James Geidner Hair Studio stylist for regular trims to prevent your long hair from looking frayed.

Need help with your thick hair? Our stylists can design a look that allows you to live with and love your best hair yet.