Find the Best Hair Mask for You

Are you looking for the best hair mask to help treat your hair concerns? From curly and colored to dry and thinning hair, there’s a specially-formulated mask designed to restore your hair. Learn why a hair mask could be the key to your at-home hair care.

What is a hair mask?

Shampoo and conditioner might be two regular components of your styling routine, but not everyone thinks to use a hair mask, perhaps because they’re sure what one is…

A hair mask is a deeply nourishing conditioning treatment that is applied to your hair after you shampoo and rinse. There are several different hair masks to choose from, and depending on their formula, they work in various ways. Some hair mask formulas work from inside the cuticle to repair damaged hair, while others provide a protective layer over the top of the hair to seal in moisture – some do both! This is why it’s important to select a hair mask that’s designed to address your needs.

How to use a hair mask

Because hair masks provide a deeper nourishment than a regular conditioner, most should be left on for longer, usually for several minutes (always check the packaging, some can even be left on overnight) depending on the formula and the level of care your hair needs.

After shampooing, carefully squeeze out excess moisture, take a 2-3 inch section and apply the mask into your hair – we suggest focusing on the lengths and ends. Repeat until all the hair is covered, then leave in for the recommended time and rinse out thoroughly. Include a hair mask in your routine once a week (more if particularly damaged) to maintain healthy, beautiful hair.

The best hair mask for…


A hair mask for color-treated hair helps seal in the color and keep its shine. For highlighted hair, we love the Lumino Contrast mask from Serie Expert, which adds shine and UV protection for all shades of hair. This mask helps prevents any unwanted brassy tones from developing due to oxidation.


Hair masks are a must for dry hair! While there’s no haircare treatment that can truly repair split ends (only your James Geidner stylist can trim those away), a mask for dry hair smooths the cuticles and infuses the fiber with moisture to prevent more from developing.

We suggest the Anti-Breakage mask from Serie Expert if you struggle with split ends, breakages and brittle hair. For an all-over dose of nourishment, the silicone-free Nutrifier mask from the same range is also a great choice.


Curly hair girls might be concerned that a hair mask will weigh down the bounce of their curls, which is why they need a hair mask specifically designed for their hair texture. Thanks to its oil micro-emulsion formula, the Curl Contour masque nourishes the hair without heaviness, providing definition and lasting nourishment that also protects against humidity and unwanted frizz.


A serious worry for those who have weak or thinning hair is that a hair mask will leave their locks looking limp and greasy. Just like with any other hair type, it’s all about choosing the right formula. Instead of an oil-based mask, try a gel treatment for volume and structure. We recommend the in-salon Volumetry Gel-masque, which uses the active ingredient Hydralight to penetrate the fiber, infuse hydration and give hair an instant boost of natural-looking volume.

If you’re unsure about which mask to choose for you, don’t hesitate to ask any of our hair care experts at James Geidner for an assessment! Together we can unlock the best course of action for healthy-looking, glossy hair.