Back To Basics: Will Color Damage My Hair?

Whether you are lifting your hair color for the first time or you’ve been experimenting with color for years, there’s always a concern about damaging your hair. However, when you book with a James Geidner Stylist, we ensure your hair stays safe from damage and remains healthy and beautiful.

To avoid damage from a color application, follow the steps below to enjoy a signature shade or hair transformation:

1. Seek Professional Guidance

Unless you are a trained stylist, it will be difficult to fully understand the science behind what color is doing to your hair. If you try to color your hair at home, you run the risk of living with a result far different than the color you desired. When you schedule an appointment at James Geidner Hair Studio, our highly trained hair care professionals can help customize an L’Oréal Professionnel color that compliments your skin tone and enhances your innate style. Our training also guarantees you receive exceptional service and a safe, gentle hair coloring process.

2. Take Great Care Post-Color Appointment

Your hair color experience doesn’t end at our Vero Beach hair salon. We will guide you to the best hair products that will keep your color looking fresh and healthy, but we advise you to follow these steps closely. When you implement color fade prevention into your daily routine, your hair will easily stay gorgeous in between appointments.

3. Cut Down On Styling Tool Usage

Your hair is in the best hands with our stylists, but there’s no doubt that a color process brings about a massive change. We suggest letting your hair “catch its breath” by keeping your usage of hot tools to a minimum. If you can’t go without your blow dryer or flat iron, be sure to always use heat protection and follow up with the recommended leave-in treatments for your hair type.

Ready to try out a new shade of you? Call the James Geidner Hair Studio today to schedule your custom color appointment.