How To Maintain Your Long Hair

In your pursuit of long hair, do you feel like you have to choose between the overall health of your hair, thickness, of course, length? Maybe you’re familiar with having to trim your longer hair since the ends can become thinner?

Cutting used to be the only way to achieve an even thickness from root to tip, but not anymore. This is where L’Oréal Professionnel’s Serie Expert Pro Longer comes in.

You can take your length to the next level with the first professional line that is formulated to renew and fill-in the ends of your hair. These products are patented with thickening technology Filler-A1000. Now, there’s no reason you have to decide between length vs thickness.

Looking for longer, thicker, and better hair? Stop by our Vero Beach Salon to schedule your long hair consult, and learn more about how to utilize Pro Longer in your daily routine.