Fellas: Four Reasons You Should Try Out Color

Hair color isn’t just for women, and switching your shade can refresh your look in just one appointment. Still not sure it’s for you? Here are a few ways color can enhance your look.

Bored With Your Look?

Fall is around the corner, so maybe now is the time to transition your hair to compliment the colors of the season. Think rich hues for autumn. Also, a new color has the power to compliment your skin tone or eye color, as well as elevate your personal style.

Bleach It Out

Bleached hair is always popular on the runways and with celebrities alike, but this look is more accessible than you think. It’s a bold change, and it’s certainly a look that won’t go unnoticed, but bleached hair can add some fun to your everyday look.

Embrace Your Salt and Pepper

This might seem like a pivot away from color, but we see it as embracing your new natural. Plus, there’s no denying that men look distinguished with age! So instead of trying to hide any gray, why don’t you spotlight your salt & pepper hair instead? You can amplify shine by using serums and high-performance products that are made for gray hair (which are formulated to offset any yellow tones).

Still Unsure Whether To Take The Plunge?

Maybe you’re afraid you will end up not liking a new hair color, but here’s the upside – it’s easily reversible! By keeping your regular trims on the books, you won’t be tied down to any color for long.