Agave Oil

Do you have a love-hate relationship with frizzy, unruly hair?  Our Agave Smoothing Treatment offers exactly what you need to love your hair again. It will instantly smooth out up to 100% of frizz and reduce curl retention by 80%.  There’s NO FORMALDEHYDE or formaldehyde derivatives, and it meets OSHA and FDA standards.  Its the safest hair smoothing treatment in Vero Beach.

 Benefits of Our Agave Smoothing Treatment

Agave smoothing is an excellent alternative to keratin treatments.  It tames unruly strands, making hair sleek and soft for up to 3 months.  Wake up with hair that is ready to go, needing no flat iron or smoothing serums to look amazing! In addition to a smooth texture, you’ll also love the reduced amount of time it takes to blow dry your hair.  Another benefit is that your hair will be much more resistant to the effects of humidity.  That means no frizzy hair escapades on rainy days.

If your hair has been colored, an agave smoothing treatment will intensify your color while also protecting it from fading as quickly.  And manageability?  Absolutely.  No more fighting with your hair to make it behave.  Every day can be a good hair day!

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