How To Maintain Your Long Hair

How To Maintain Your Long Hair

In your pursuit of long hair, do you feel like you have to choose between the overall health of your hair, thickness, of course, length? Maybe you’re familiar with having to trim your longer hair since the ends can become thinner? Cutting used to be the only way to achieve an even thickness from root … Read more How To Maintain Your Long Hair

Fighting Summer Frizz

Fighting frizz can be complicated, no matter if your hair is stick straight or you’re working with voluminous waves. Here’s our professional tips for protecting your hair from summer humidity: Maintain Good Haircare Habits Simply put: the better hydrated your hair is, the stronger it will be. It’s easier to style nourished hair, and nourished … Read more Fighting Summer Frizz

Learn How To Space Out Washes

Give your hair (and yourself) a break this summer, and fight the feeling of greasy hair by spacing out washes. We will be honest, it’s hard not to over wash after being outside in the hot, sticky heat. For some hair types, washing more than twice a week can become counter-productive in the attempt to … Read more Learn How To Space Out Washes