Keratin Treatments Are a Must In the Spring

  Spring is in full swing, and summer isn’t far behind, so needless to say – the humidity is here to stay, at least for a while. A customized Keratin Treatment from our Vero Beach salon can provide you with smoother, frizz-free hair that allows you to enjoy less time styling your hair each day. … Read moreKeratin Treatments Are a Must In the Spring

Find the Best Hair Mask for You

Are you looking for the best hair mask to help treat your hair concerns? From curly and colored to dry and thinning hair, there’s a specially-formulated mask designed to restore your hair. Learn why a hair mask could be the key to your at-home hair care. What is a hair mask? Shampoo and conditioner might … Read moreFind the Best Hair Mask for You

Tips on How to Hide New Growth Between Visits

Maybe you have holiday parties coming up before you have a chance to visit the studio or even if you never miss a salon appointment – it’s likely that the last weeks or days leading up to your time with us you’re dealing with visible roots. And when your appointment is a single process to … Read moreTips on How to Hide New Growth Between Visits

Habits Of Women With Great Hair

Your strands will thank you for turning these tips into hair habits … Whether your scrolling on your phone or at the grocery store, you will see several women with great hair – we like to think more than a few are James Geidner Hair Studio clients.You too can enjoy equally gorgeous hair, and by … Read moreHabits Of Women With Great Hair

Fun Facts About Your Hair

fun facts vero beach hair salon

Whether you treat it as your crowning glory or take a more laidback approach, there’s a lot you probably don’t know about your hair. Fact is, there’s more to those strands than what we see on the surface. Hair Changes with Age Just like our skin, our hair changes with time. While you know that … Read moreFun Facts About Your Hair

Cardinal Rules For Curly Hair Care

When you have naturally curly hair, you know this to be true: Despite women coming up to you without hesitation to tell you how much they love (and wish they had) your hair ... curly hair can be a real struggle to maintain. We ask you this - are you ready to truly fall in love ... Read moreCardinal Rules For Curly Hair Care

How To Treat Dry Hair

Getting dry hair to look healthy and shiny can be frustrating. The best solution is to follow a few simple haircare tips, and add the best products for dry hair into your daily beauty routine. First, if you’re not 100% sure that your hair is actually dry, here’s an easy way to find out: when … Read moreHow To Treat Dry Hair

What Causes Static Hair And How to Prevent It

Photos courtesy of L’Oréal Professionnel. If the warmer months are known for causing frizz, the cooler ones are definitely known for their ability to cause even the best hairstyles to look a little electrified. Static can be an unfortunate side effect of the drier seasons, but thankfully there are a few simple tricks to prevent ... Read moreWhat Causes Static Hair And How to Prevent It