L’Oréal Smartbond

Do you love the thought of lightening your hair several levels but worry about the effects of bleaching agents on the strength of your hair?  Say hello to one of our favorite new products–Smartbond.  Smartbond is a new fortifying system that we use to protect and strengthen your hair fibers during your color service at our Vero Beach FL hair salon.

How Does Smartbond Work?

Smartbond is added to the color or lightening formula before it is applied to your hair.  Its active ingredient is malic acid.  Malic acid is absorbed into your hair fibers as your color processes, and it prevents damage from occuring.  Instead of rebuilding any of your hair’s disulfide bonds that get broken, like our Olaplex salon service, Smartbond prevents the damage from happening.  It acts like a lubricant between protein chains to keep the hair elastic and reduce damage.  It also works to reform some of the weaker bonds in your hair.  Another plus?  It doesn’t lengthen the amount of time you spend in your stylist’s chair at the salon.

In addition to having Smartbond added to your color service, you can continue to protect your hair at home by using Smartbond Conditioner.  Simply use it once a week in place of your normal conditioner.  Your hair will feel smooth to the touch with super shine.


How is Smartbond Different From Olaplex?

Both products protect your hair during coloring and lightening at the salon.  When lightening agents are used on your hair, they oxidize the melanin in your hair strands to produce lighter hues.  This process can break down the disulphide bonds in your hair.   This, in turn, can lead to breakage, split ends and dull color.  But, Smartbond and Olaplex prevent this damage from happening.

Smartbond utilizes the power of malic acid to prevent your hair from absorbing the bleaching agents.  Think of it as a mop which absorbs the chemicals and protects your hair during the lightening process.

Olaplex repairs the broken bonds in your hair–it finds single sulphur hydrogen bonds and cross-links them back together to form disulphide bonds. That’s the technical science behind how the product repairs damaged strands.  That means hair actually becomes healthier after a color service.  It also means that you can get more extreme color transformations in less time.


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