Meet our salon’s favorite ammonia free hair color:  INOA.

Aside from its excellent ability to cover white or gray hair,  INOA’s ingredients are designed to be odor free and gentle on the hair and scalp.  It’s the first hair color with ODS technology, a rich oil-based system that increases the color’s performance.

INOA’s color system can create a practically limitless range of hues and shades.  So, if you’re longing for that perfect shade of daring red, or if you want to take a dull mousy brown to multi-dimensional brunette hues of epic proportions, wait no longer!  Our hair color specialists can design the perfect, personalized custom hair color just for you.   After an in-depth consultation at our Vero Beach salon, we’ll mix a beautiful new hue to complement your skin tones and transform your look.  In addition to rich tones, you’ll love the glossy shine and beautiful coverage of this color line.

INOA’s key features:

• Reinforced coverage up to 100% white hair.

• Improved shine following your color service

• No ammonia. No odor.

• Optimized scalp comfort.

For aging hair, try INOA Supreme, which is also an ammonia free hair color, and specially formulated to cover aging gray hair.  INOA Supreme has a beautiful range of natural-looking, multi-dimensional hues.

INOA Color Care

To keep your color looking brilliantly shiny and true to its shade, we recommend our salon’s INOA Color Care shampoo and conditioner.  In addition to being sulfate free, these products are enriched with argan oil and green tea extracts.  These ingredients along with gentle formulas will leave your hair silky and your color protected.

Schedule a personal consultation today at our hair salon with Vero Beach FL’s top hair color specialists.

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