L’Oréal Dia Richesse Light

Not ready for the commitment of a permanent hair color? Not a problem. Our L’Oréal Professionnel salon in Vero Beach FL offers several demi-permanent, no ammonia hair color options that create gorgeous, head-turning hues.

DIA Light is our demi-permanent gel-creme hair color which is perfect for color-treated or sensitive hair.  It provides radiant tones with exceptionally even color.

• Luminous reflects

• Vibrant shine

• Beautifully even coverage, even on sensitized hair


There are several reasons why many of our salon guests choose our demi permanent color formulas over permanent options.   One of the most popular reasons is that demi color fades very naturally over the course of time without leaving that tell-tale line when your hair grows out, alerting the world that you’ve colored your hair.  Another plus for our demi permanent formulas is that they are ammonia free.  That makes for a very pleasant, odor free color service that is gentle on the scalp and hair.  Beyond that, demi permanent color can be used to enhance your natural color, giving it a richer, deeper and glossier appearance.  So, in addition to covering white or gray, it can be applied to mousy or drab natural hair to intensify the hues.

Compare with Dia Richesse

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