L’Oréal Majilift

If you are a brunette who’s always dreamed of having more fun as a blonde, you’ll love the results of this blonde hair color magic.  Instead of brassy or orange tones that are often the result when dark colors attempt to go light, Majilift gives a lightening effect that is what you had in mind all along.   You’ll also save time at the salon.  With other blonde hair color formulas, the lightening process requires multiple salon appointments to achieve ultra light blonding.   Majilift can lighten up to 4 levels in just one step at one hair salon visit.

This ultra-light blonding and toning is perfect for our Vero Beach hair salon guests with darker hair tones.  Majilift lightens naturally dark hair without the need to pre-lighten.  The result?  Soft browns with subtle cool or warm tones, depending on the color of your choice.

Benefits of Majilift Blonde Hair Color, Blonding & Toning

Like our Majiblond and Majirel formulas, Majilift contains special ingredients to fortify your hair.  Ionène G restores, protects and conditions hair fibers during the coloring process. In addition, Incell Complex penetrates all 3 levels of the hair, from the surface to the core, to strengthen and reinforce your hair from the inside out.

Want to go from brunette to blonde?  Make an appointment at our Vero Beach FL hair salon today for a blonde hair color transformation!

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