L’Oréal Mythic Oil

Our hair salon in Vero Beach FL carries the entire L’Oreal Mythic Oil Collection, which includes both in-salon and at-home products that are designed to balance the natural oil levels in your hair.


Throughout history, oils have been valued for their ability to smooth and nourish hair.  From jojoba and argan to almond and avocado, oils are packed with high levels of anti-oxidants and vitamins.   In addition, these super nutrients can add strength, increase the supple feel of strands, and add incredible shine.

The L’Oreal Mythic Oil collection contains customized formulas to target the specific needs of your hair.   Our in salon treatments are a blissful experience for your locks, and contain argan and myrhh, as well as almond, avocado, linseed and cranberry oils.  Your hair will relish the entire experience.  You’ll also love the absolutely intoxicating fragrances that infuse these treatments!

Our L’Oreal Mythic Oil at-home treatments are excellent to use between visits to our hair salon.   We have formulas for thick hair as well as normal to fine hair.  Along with nourishing and conditioning, these formulas also aid in detangling, smoothing, reducing frizz, and adding a glossy glow.


Mythic Oil Shampoo, Conditioner, and Masque

The paraben-free , oil formulas in these products leave your hair feeling clean without feeling weighed down.  They also add a soft, supple, and brilliantly shiny finish. Perfect for everyday use.

Huile Originale

Huile Originale is a lightweight oil that works well for detangling after cleansing.  It leaves hair soft and shiny.   It also adds radiance before or after blow-drying, as well as heat and frizz protection.

Mythic Oil Huile Radiance

Huile Radiance protects your hair color while adding shine and providing heat protection from styling tools heated to temperatures up to 446 degrees F.  It also provides humidity and frizz protection for up to 48 hours. The formula contains a blend of Argan and Cranberry oil, both valued for their protective antioxidants.

Creme Universelle

Looking for a hair product that can multi-task?   Creme Universelle is a 3-in-1 super hero.  Use it before shampooing as well as using it as a rinse out conditioner and blow dry cream.  It contains argan oil and almond oil to nourish and smooth hair fiber.

Serum De Force

Serum De Force strengthens hair to reduce breakage.  The product contains a blend of Evening Primrose oil, SP94, and Powerdose Light. Simply massage into hair at the roots and enjoy the benefits.

Visit our hair salon in Vero Beach FL for these and other amazing L’Oreal Mythic Oil products!

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