The right brush can be the difference between an ordinary style and a WOW style.  Hair styling, like any other art form, is always better when you use high quality, professional tools.  Knowing this, we are particular about the brushes that we use at our Vero Beach hair salon.

We’re honored to partner with Spornette, as they are committed to using sustainable materials like bamboo, in addition to creating innovative brush designs that outperform other brands.

From boar bristles that are fabulous for smoothing to vent brushes that create runway worthy blowouts, we have a brush for every hair type and style.   Need advice on which brush is best for you?  We’re happy share recommendations as well as teach you hair styling tricks that are possible with different brush types.

Popular brush types and uses:

BOAR BRISTLE:  perfect for creating naturally shiny, healthy hair as well as for setting curls and smoothing

NYLON:  made with flexible synthetic bristles that work well with any hair type

ION, TOURMALINE, and NANO SILVER:   when used with heat, the ions in these brushes make hair shiny and supple.

VENT:  contains openings that allow air to pass through.  Perfect for blow drying.

ROUND:  allows hair to roll over or under the brush.  Makes nice curls.

CUSHION:  available in many shapes including oval and paddle.  The cushioned base gives the bristles a flexible edge.  Great for brushing or distributing product.


Visit our hair salon in Vero Beach FL today for professional hair styling tips and the best hair styles in the city!